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AD Annual 2020 Graduate Show

UNSW Galleries Cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd Paddington 9-17 December Mon-Sun 10am-5pm

Fishers Ghost 2020

Finalist: Fisher's Ghost Art Award 2020 31 Oct - 11 Dec 2020 Campbelltown Arts Centre

PostFRESH 2019

PostFRESH is an artistic concept proposed to question cultural attitudes that emphasise the values of youth and perceived newness in the visual arts. PostFRESH presents the work of five women who have been there, done that and seen a lot. The artists' rich and full life experiences and remarkable transformations have enriched their perspectives resulting in imagery that gets to the core.

FLUX 2018

Size Doesn't Matter showcases selected bodies of small sized work featured by six NOKK collective members and curated by Alex Malcolm. Each small work is reflective of these artists' individual practices brought together through their collective approach in challenging the supposed limitations of small sized works.

SQUARE/BOX 2016, Kudos Gallery

SQUARE/BOX offers intensely personal answers to universal contemporary questions. What is the experience of the physical self in the digitised age? How porous is the membrane between sexuality and gender? How do social politics feature in a culture of cyber anarchy? Can we identify anachronisms of the future by evaluating the values of the past?

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